SUMMER CAMP It is just like stepping out from their home to another home of their own - a GURUKULAM which gives them all f in under one roof. The roof most times, is as big as the Mother Nature provides in the form of Sky. Our mission is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.

Adventure Travel & out bound touring includes Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Para Sailing, Camping, Obstacles Courses, HR camps, Trekking, Wild Life Viewing, Jungle Camps, Nature Workshops, Wild Life Safari, Fire Camps, River Crossing, Mountaineering includes white water raftinWe are introducing Para gliding, Para Sailing, Parachuting, Hot air Ballooning, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Skiing, etc. in near Future.g, canoeing, skiing,etc. Adventure tour often relies heavily on the natural and cultural resources a destination has to offer but Help nation rescue the economy and develop tourism.Help nation brings its economy back on track.Spurs economic growth around the country. 

Students of today are leaders of tomorrow. The future leaders are expected to carry a large burden of solving myriad issues some of which cannot be foreseen today. Problem solving requires not only intellectual skills but toughness, perseverance, team building, communication skills and many more. Lack of such skills will lead to slow breakdown of human mind and body. This is evident from the sudden rise in health issues amongst young people. Rise in Diabetes, BP and heart diseases amongst young people has become very common. India will soon become the Diabetes capital of the world.

  Regular exposure to tough situations in an exciting environment can improve resilience and many of these skills. Further, the continuous physical activity in pristine environment will improve metabolism and health. Our Adventure programs for students have been designed with several objectives that will build the leadership skills, survival skills, strength and character of students.

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  • NASA STUDY TOUR by St John's International School
  • Goa Trip By SNS College And SRM University
  • Gangtok And Darjelling Tour By SP Jain College of Engineering
  • Dheli Agra And Manali Trip By MG College of Engineering
  • Singapore Trip By VIMS
  • Goa College's and School's Trip to North India,Rajasthan,South India

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