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Goodwin operates Educational Tours for students and professionals from schools , Colleges, Professional Colleges and Universities . We pride ourselves on being India's most Innovative professional development and experiential learning tour operator offering Unique, Safe and affordable cost on tours

Our Tours

Our committed team of educationists and industry professionals have developed a super range of subject lead and general group travel programs to meet the needs of diverse educational groups studying a wide range of subjects.

Our Study Packs

Each tour is accompanied by a study pack designed to improve the effectiveness of the tour. We provide all information together with suggested tasks and discussion points relevant to your program .

Our Guides

Our study tour guides ensures that your study tour is as enjoyable and as educationally relevant as possible. Their knowledge and experience of the locations you are visiting can help you and your students to get the most out of your Tour .

Our Objectives

To develop meaningful, on the-ground perspective of the business, political, and social climate within India, broadening students' global perspectives, furthering their capacity to manage in a global business environment.

Our Philosophy

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News & Events

  • NASA STUDY TOUR by St John's International School
  • Goa Trip By SNS College And SRM University
  • Gangtok And Darjelling Tour By SP Jain College of Engineering
  • Dheli Agra And Manali Trip By MG College of Engineering
  • Singapore Trip By VIMS
  • Goa College's and School's Trip to North India,Rajasthan,South India

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