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Goa is a Human dreamland, luxurious paradise where all humans rare to go. During Carnivals, Christmas, Diwali, and New Year Goa dresses itself as a beautiful Queen which induces one and all to come and see this divine beauty.

Goa as now you might already be aware was ruled by Portuguese for pretty longer time frame and must say that they have left behind rich heritage of Values, Cultures, Sculptures, tradition and many unique traits. 

Still Goan heart pumps for fishes, you name it and Goan beaches have it. An evening siesta, with sun descending, moon ascending, and a glass of vodka in your hand, sited in beach sand on a heavenly abode is everyone's dream.

During Carnivals, the atmosphere could well be compared with Rio de Janeiro festival of Brazil, not for the wrong reasons though. The atmosphere is electrifying, all wanting to be part of it and throng from different places all over the globe.

River Cruises, Casinos, Disc's are other western culture which has found places in Goa. An evening cruise which takes you through the beauty of Goa, lavish comfort, an enthralling experience is waiting. In the midst of Goan Folk dance, ample opportunities are given to the tourist to throng on dance floor of the cruises.

During late November, entire December and Early January, Goa is a place to be at. Start with the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) which has found a permanent home in Goa, is a treat to watch. It promotes budding directors, actors. Writers and provides them a platform where they can win hearts. Multi Linguistics movies are also aired, where people from different era comes at one place and witnesses the most sought after film festival which lasts for over a week.

Christmas in Goa is celebrated as religiously, earnestly and impromptu with such a divine blissful manner as hardly celebrated anywhere else.

The most peculiar aspects of Goans are their hospitality and humbleness.  What we haven’t talked about is the infrastructure, which was built by the Portuguese. It’s an impeccable structure, gracefully designed, soothing to eyes and are rock solid. Be it the Old Goa Church or the Secretariat Buildings or any of those villas constructed at the beaches are treating to watch. Words are found wanting when we even think of describing what GOA is all about. So come, stay and enjoy the rich heritage and culture that the state provides you. A Mother of all Land, a Heaven abode, Graced by god himself.

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